HVAC – Dallas Hospital


Project Overview

Project Location: Dallas, TX
Date: January, 2014
Project Type: HVAC, Controls, Hospital

pic6Medical Towers Dallas are two 166,000 square foot medical office buildings managed by the county. Both buildings were in need of a mechanical upgrade; each of the buildings had its own central plant comprised of four 150 ton compressors using 1950’s reciprocating technology. In addition to being inefficient, the compressors and refrigeration components had been experiencing a high rate of failure.


An engineering study was done to select system components that would deliver the best return on investment based on retrofit cost, energy efficiency, ongoing maintenance cost and reliability. High efficiency screw compressors by Bitzer were chosen. The preeminent challenge came in replacing 1,200 tons of cooling apparatus (coils, pipe and compressors), without disrupting building operations during construction.


pic10aUtilizing Advantage Mechanical’s depth of resources, the equipment was replaced in distinct stages over four weekends. The job took five well-choreographed and specialized crews working through weekends to accomplish the technically challenging changeover, ensuring that the new AC system would be operational when the fully occupied towers opened for business on Monday. The variable frequency driven Bitzer compressors reduced HVAC energy consumption by over thirty percent. This compressor upgrade, along with the other system enhancements justified a $250,000 DWP (Department of Water and Power) rebate for this project.

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